Star Wars Rebels: Season 2/Episode 15 – “Homecoming”

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I’ve been watching through The X-Files on Netflix since I never followed it when it was originally airing and I have noticed that there are two main types of X-Files episodes: Mythology and Monster of the Week where the Mythology episodes deal with the main plotline of the whole show (the government and alien life) and the Monster of the Week episodes are rather self-explanatory.  Along the same lines, I’ve also found that Star Wars Rebels has three main types of episodes: Mythology – Empire v Rebellion, Mythology – Jedi and Force User, and Adventure of the Week.  I think that “Homecoming” falls into the first category.

“Homecoming” focuses on the crew of the Ghost embarking on a mission to steal an Imperial carrier so they can get their fighters into and out of space battles easier, however there is an issue.  The carrier is stationed over Ryloth and the leader of the Rebel cell there is Cham Syndulla, the resistance leader we saw back in The Clone Wars show and also, as it turns out, Hera’s estranged father.  It doesn’t take long for us to figure out why they’re estranged as they have different ideas about how to fight the Empire.


Daddy issues – Not just limited to the Skywalker family

Cham wants to keep the fight on Ryloth and free his people while Hera focuses on the bigger picture and work with the Rebellion to fight the Empire on a larger scale.  This difference in ideals comes to a head when Cham wants to destroy the carrier so all of Ryloth can see it burn while Hera wants to steal it to help the Rebellion.  The two groups seemingly agree that the better plan is to let the crew of the Ghost steal the carrier but as the plan is set into motion, Cham and his group turn on Hera, knocking them out with stun blasts while they go to set charges in the munitions rack and the engine room. Now our heroes fighting both Cham and the Empire for control of the ship.  Next to the carrier, there is also an Imperial Light Cruiser that sends out fighters and a shuttle to try and take the carrier back and to save themselves, both our heroes and Cham’s group have to set aside their differences to win the day. In the end Hera gets the carrier to the Rebellion and the Light Cruiser is destroyed and goes down in a fireball for all of Ryloth to see.

The outcome of the episode was rather predictable, as was the betrayal by Cham’s team but in the end I’m not sure I care.  The episode was well done and I care enough about all the main characters to stay invested in the story. The arguments between Cham and Hera were also compelling, you could see where both of them were coming from and felt that both truly believed that they were in the right. All in all a great character story for Hera.

A couple other great character moments came when Ezra and Kanan were using the Force to throw each other down the long corridors as the blast doors were closing off the sections.  I love seeing those two become more in tune with the Force (Kanan reconnecting with it and Ezra learning how to wield it) and more in tune with each other as Master and Apprentice.  Ezra using the Jedi Mind Trick was also well done.  If I have one nitpick, it’s that in the last episode Ezra almost died because he couldn’t use the Force to stop himself from falling and Kanan had to save him.  There’s a little bit of a disconnect between that episode and this one as far as Ezra’s control of the Force.  Not a huge thing but something I noticed watching the 2 episodes within a day of each other.

kanan and ezra

“Today’s Jedi lesson – grabbing a roll when you’re stuck on the toilet. Tomorrow – Getting the remote after you’ve already sat down.”

Ok – Two nitpicks.  I swear they reused a shot in this episode.  In the space battles, there’s a shot where a TIE fighter moves from right to left across the screen and a turret follows it across and blasts it right when it gets to the upper left corner of the screen.  I’m pretty sure they just replaced the TIE fighter with a TIE bomber later in the episode and reused that sequence.  I should have rewound to confirm but I’m 95% sure that’s what happened.

All in all, a better than average episode of Star Wars Rebels but I do hope we get into some meaty Jedi stuff pretty soon.

WildeBeard’s Rating: FULL BEARD WITH A SOPHISTICATED GREY STREAK– Standard full beard seen on many a man but with a streak of grey that conveys a little extra character.


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