Weekend Box Office Predictions!

Weekend Box Office Predictions!

Weekend Box Office Predictions!

Weekend of 3/31-4/2

Howdy Beardlings and welcome to this weeks BOX OFFICE PREDICTIONS where I, your favorite WildeBeard, take a shot in the dark and try to guess what movie will land a spot in the coveted Top 5 and how much green they’ll bring in!

Let’s get into it!

#1 – Beauty and the Beast – $40,500,000 – 55% Drop From Previous Weekend

  • I think this week the House of Mouse will still reign supreme at the box office.  With the numbers Beauty and the Beast has already drawn and having a huge amount of nostalgia draw and name recognition, good word of mouth, plus being family friendly (at least for slightly older kids), I don’t see this movie falling to the #2 slot this weekend.

    With a worldwide gross of $750 million, I think Belle can finally afford something more than a provincial life…..

#2 – Boss Baby – $32,000,000 – New Release

  • Despite my daughter enjoying the trailers for this movie enough to make us rewind the DVR when we try to fast forward through them, I don’t think Boss Baby is going to “wow” anyone.  I think that a majority of people buying this ticket this weekend will be families with kids just a smidge too young to see Beauty and the Beast or families that have already given Disney their movie money in weeks prior.

    Sorry kiddo, Daddy’s not dropping theater money on this one…..

#3 – Ghost in the Shell – $29,000,000 – New Release

  • I really wish a higher concept movie like this could make for a bigger draw but I feel like average movie goers who aren’t familiar with the original anime movie might wait on this one and catch it via rental or streaming services.  I do feel that this movie will have plenty of fans of the property running to the theaters but not in the numbers necessary to push it past the family friendly fare of Beauty and the Beast and Boss Baby. Despite what I think, I HOPE that I am wrong and that the beautiful trailers combined with Scarlett Johanssen in form fitting clothes will bring in the money.  (Also this does have the casting controversy over the aforementioned ScarJo’s role of The Major to contend with but that’s for another article entirely.)

    Maybe THIS Americanized anime will be good….? Please?

#4 –  Power Rangers – $20,250,000 – 50%-ish Drop From Previous Weekend

  • Honestly I think this movie did less than it should have in it’s opening weekend even with pulling in $40M. Opening against Beauty and the Beast in it’s second week was definitely to the detriment of its revenue but the spring/summer movie season just keeps getting more and more stacked with movies and they’ve got to release it sometime. If you’ve read my review then you know that I really enjoyed this movie and am seriously hoping for a sequel and those sequel hopes rest squarely on the first entry in this rebooted franchise making more than it’s budget back. As of this writing, Power Rangers has made $67M globally, roughly 2/3rds of it production budget (not including advertising and marketing) so another solid $20M domestic weekend pull would certainly help Power Rangers make its budget back.  Here’s hoping it has legs at the domestic box office and has decent pull in foreign markets like China and Japan.  (I need some Tommy Oliver…….)
Morphin Time Indeed!


#5 – Kong Skull Island – $5,750,000 – 61% Drop From Previous Week

  • I debated for a while about slotting in Life in the #5 spot but with a super lackluster opening, I don’t see it pulling ahead of the King.  Mr. Kong has a broader appeal and the brand recognition and cinema history to keep Life out of the top 5 this week.
Kong skull island
Whoa  there big fell, have a banana….. or six…… um…. thousand……


That’s it for this week folks!  Come back on Monday where we’ll break down the weekend box office reports and see just how wrong I was!

Thank you for reading and until next time –



Power Rangers (2017) Movie Review



There, now that’s out of my system.

So the Power Rangers movie reboot is finally here, the newest property to get a big budget modern reimagining hoping to cash in on nostalgia.  This movie definitely had its naysayers from the moment it was announced especially when Lionsgate also announced that they wanted to make this a franchise with six or seven entries.  A bold announcement considering the first one hadn’t even filmed yet much less hit theaters and made enough money to warrant a sequel or six.  However iffy a proposition a Power Rangers reboot was, I was on board from the get go.

To say that I am the target audience for a movie like this is an understatement.  The pilot episode of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers hit televisions everywhere when I was the ripe old age seven and I was all over it for a few years until I grew up and moved on to more mature shows like Batman: The Animated Series and the 90’s X-Men (cue theme song!).   But for a time, I was all about Dinozords, Power Coins, Morphers, and Dragon Daggers.

Fast forward twenty three years and here is the gritty, nostalgia dripped reboot that my seven year old self could have never imagined.  Now the real question, is it any damn good?

YES! But not in the ways you might think…..

Power Rangers is at its best when it’s not trying to be a Power Rangers movie.  I know that sounds odd but I really think that’s what it boils down to.  I’ve been watching through Season 1 of the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers with my daughter as I drag her down nostalgia memory lane with me and it’s apparent that the Rangers in the show were mostly just high school stereotypes and caricatures rather than being real, fleshed out characters (at least in the handful of episodes that I have recently rewatched).  The new movie really pushes our new crop of “teenagers with attitude” past being just caricatures and makes them real people with real problems and real motivations that we as an audience can grab on to and identify with. I will say that Jason, Kimberly, and Billy are more developed than Trini and Zach but we still get enough to understand why each Ranger acts the way they do.

Zordon, as played by Bryan Cranston, also has a lot more to his character in this movie than he did in the show.  Again, he feels like a real character with flaws, understandable motivations, and a nice arc to his story that elevates him beyond a floating head in a tube.

Bill Hader is serviceable as the voice for Alpha 5.  I’m not a fan of Alpha as a character and there’s only so much that a talent at even Hader’s level can do with an annoying robot.

As for everyone’s favorite sufferer of chronic headaches, the classic villain Rita Repulsa probably has the most changes to her character and I believe that most of them were for the better.  I won’t spoil it here but if you paid close enough attention to the trailers, you probably already know part of her origin.  The villains in Power Rangers have always been over the top to the point of being goofy and Elizabeth Banks’ scenery chewing Rita does a decent job of bringing that to the big screen.  She pushed it just hard enough to get over the top but not so far that she fell into eye roll territory.

So where did this movie fall short if all the characters were well developed and portrayed well?  Unfortunately Power Rangers stumbles a bit when it comes to actually doing some Power Ranger-ing.  The Rangers don’t get into their suits until rather late in the movie (for plot and character development reasons) which honestly didn’t bother me.  It’s that the move from fighting hand to hand in their suits to jumping into the Zords in a matter of moments that bugged me. It felt a bit rushed and unearned when the Rangers call upon their Zords to go take on the big monster.  My favorite part of the old show was watching the Rangers fight Putties and the Monster-of-the-Week as the Rangers in their suits before calling in the Zords to finish the fight off.

Also, the special effects looked somewhat lacking especially for a $100 million production budget.  I wasn’t expecting Transformers level special effects but I was hoping for something a little more than we got.

And a note on that budget and the box office – Power Rangers pulled in $40 million at the domestic box office its opening weekend which may seem like not enough to green light a sequel but remember, it did open only one week after the behemoth that is Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. I really hope that Power Rangers brings in enough cash over its entire run to warrant a sequel or two. A Power Rangers reboot just isn’t complete without some Tommy Oliver Dragonzord action that you can all but guarantee will be in the first sequel.

All in all, Power Rangers is a fun time at the movies – just enough camp and nostalgia to bring in the sweaty’s like me and hopefully enough of a summer blockbuster feel to draw in new fans.  I definitely hope we get at least one of the myriad of sequels that they are planning.