Weekend of 3/31 – 4/2

Howdy Beardlings and welcome to this weeks Box Office Breakdown where we see just how wrong my predictions were and if, by some luck, I managed to get something right. A broken clock is right twice a day you know! ……as long as it’s not a digital clock……. and as long as the hands aren’t snapped off……  huh…. that metaphor really doesn’t hold up well under scrutiny does it……

Where was I?

Oh yes! How much money did we all spend on movie tickets this weekend?!?!  Let’s run down the Top 5 money makers of the weekend starting with #5


#5 – Kong: Skull Island

Weekend Estimate – $8,800,000

Kong skull island

Looks like Kong earned his keep for another week, pulling in another $8.8 millions to bring its domestic total to $147.9 million.  Not a bad run for the old guy.  I predicted that Kong would take a 61% drop over its previous weekend’s total and make $5.75 million but (like some other entries on this week’s list) I underestimated the King. Good. I want Kong: Skull Island to make enough money so we can get the King Kong – Godzilla match up in 2020 that we’ve been promised.  Kong had a production budget of $185 million and has a worldwide box office gross of $477.3 million as of this writing so it seems a safe bet that we will see Kong try to wrest the “King of all Monsters” title from good ole’ Gojira.

#4 – Power Rangers

Weekend Estimate – $14,500,000


The Rangers had a little bit less power in them than I would have liked to have seen in them in their second week, pulling in $14.5 million, a 64% drop over its opening week.  I really wanted Power Rangers to only have a nice, stable 50% drop this week but I guess the pull of the Top 3 – Boss Baby and Beauty and the Beast siphoning off families and Ghost in the Shell pulling from the same fan pool as Power Rangers – means that Power Rangers had to settle for the number 4 slot.  However I am keeping my sequel hopes alive for the teenagers with attitude as the worldwide total after two weeks is $97.7 million ($65M domestic/$32.7 foreign) which is just shy of meeting the $100M production budget numbers. Next week doesn’t look like it has much competition for any of our Top 5 from this week so hopefully the drop off will be smaller and Power Rangers’ box office totals will slide much more comfortably into “guaranteed sequel” territory.

#3 – Ghost in the Shell

Weekend Estimate – $19,000,000


Ouch…. just ouch….  I predicted Ghost in the Shell to bring in $29 million and even that was a conservative estimate on my part given the niche nature of the movie and the casting controversy but damn….  $19 million just hurts to see for a property like this.  Even 2014’s Lucy, the last big sci-fi Scarlett Johansson vehicle, produced a $43 million domestic opening weekend – admittedly, Lucy didn’t have two family friendly movies to contend with.  Also of note, Ghost in the Shell did pull $40 million in foreign markets, bringing it’s opening weekend total to $59 million.  I have yet to see this one so I can’t speak to sequel options story wise (I know the original anime movie had a direct sequel and there have been a few different versions of this property) but if this property has any sequels hopes, it looks like they rest in the hands of movie goers outside of the States.

#2 – Beauty and the Beast

Weekend Estimate – $47,543,000


Well well well…… how the mighty have fallen….. at least to #2 at the weekend box office.  No three-peat for Disney’s latest cash machine, I bet the Disney execs are drying their crying eyes on $100 bills pulled from the three-week, worldwide box office total of $876.2 million for Beauty and the Beast.  This one may have been knocked off the top of the box office pile but it is definitely another victory for the House of Mouse.

#1 – Boss Baby

Weekend Estimate – $49,000,000


If cookies are for closers, then someone make an Oreo run because Dreamworks has earned it.  I honestly did not expect this movie to dethrone Belle and Co. much less pull almost $50 million dollars.  Looking back, I probably estimated this one low because I had zero interest in seeing it and underestimated the draw of another innocent animated comedy. Also, I’m sure parents had an easier time saying yes to going to see this one due to Alec Baldwin’s recent surge in popularity.  Boss Baby and Beauty and the Beast were only $1.5-ish million apart this week so it will be interesting to see if Boss Baby holds on to the top spot next week or if it suffers a sharp drop in ticket sales and Beauty and the Beast continues its trend of sub-50% drops and retakes the lead.

So what did we learn this week?  Don’t underestimate cute family comedies and maybe America still isn’t quite ready for anime properties to hit the main stream yet.

Come back on Thursday for the next Weekend Box Office Predictions and next Monday for a new Weekend Office Breakdown!

Thank you for reading and until next time…..



*All estimates pulled from BoxOfficeMojo.com using Weekend Estimates as of writing time

**Any and all sarcasm provided by the glass of Lagavulin sitting directly left of my laptop.


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