Hello there Beardlings and welcome back to Weekend Box Office Predictions where we take a shot in the dark at which movies will land in the coveted Top 5 over the weekend and just how much green they’ll make!

Now this week is especially difficult with not one, not two, but THREE family friendly movies in an “PG” Rated, CGI heavy, all out war to see who will win the box office come Monday mornings final count while we still have “Ghost in the Shell”, “Power Rangers”, and “Kong: Skull Island” picking up whatever pocket change is left over.

Without further ado, let’s start the guesswork!

#1 – Smurfs: The Lost Village – $29,000,000 – New Release

Let’s get the Smurf outta here….

As I teased in the intro, this is the weekend for family films and I argued with myself all week over where they would all stack up.  I have “Smurfs: The Lost Village” slotted on top mostly because it’s the new kid on the block this week.  The two previous Smurfs movies in 2011 and 2013 opened with $35 million and $17 million respectively.  Now that’s huge drop between the two movies so you may wonder why I have this new movie pulling in numbers like the 2011 film? It’s been four years since we’ve gotten a new Smurfs versus only a two year gap, so while I think people aren’t exactly clamoring for a new Smurfs movie series, the little blue guys and gal have been out of theaters for a while and that gives them some freshness. Also, while “Smurfs: The Lost Village” certainly has the family friendly competition there’s nothing huge like “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2” or “The Wolverine” that will be splitting money between the kid friendly fare and stuff adults will be seeing on their own.  With all that, I think this one will do closer to the $35 million the 2011 film opened with.

#2 – Beauty and the Beast – $27,500,000 – 40%~ Drop

Have we made ALL of the money yet? No? Release a SING ALONG VERSION!!!

Disney’s most recent money printing machine has dropped about 48-49% each subsequent weekend over it’s three week run but I believe that will flatten out some this week.  “Beauty and the Beast” has a much broader appeal than either “Smurfs: The Lost Village” or “Boss Baby” and, even though I haven’t seen much publicity on it, a sing along version of Disney’s revamped classic is hitting around 1,200 theaters this week. That is definitely going to bring in some extra cash for the House of Mouse.

#3 – Boss Baby – $20,000,000 – 60% Drop

You’re fired! (BAHAHAH…. meta humor..)

Well one of the three had to draw the short straw this week……  While “Boss Baby” certainly did shock me by pulling in $50 million it’s opening weekend, I just don’t believe it has the stamina to keep up with the films in the top two spots in this weeks predictions. With the nostalgia draw of the Smurfs coupled with “Beauty and the Beast” consistently beating “Boss Baby’s” daily numbers Monday thru Wednesday this week, I don’t see Alec Baldwin getting his “cookies are for closers” cookie delivery this weekend.

#4 – Ghost in the Shell – $8,400,000 – 55% Drop

I bet a Black Widow movie would do a lot better at the box office…..

With terrible reviews and a incredibly disappointing opening week, box office numbers for ScarJo’s latest will most likely dip under eight figures in it’s second week. Again, this is sorely disappointing for a number of reasons, most notably – 1) Female lead sci-fi / action would hopefully be more of a box office draw and 2) This probably scuttles, or at least slows down, plans for any other anime adaptations that were in the works. Hopefully we will still see that “Akira” adaptation that has been stuck in development hell for years……..

#5 – Power Rangers – $6,500,000 – 46% Drop

Keep GO GO Going…… please?

Y’all know my love of the Rangers.  I really hope this movie keeps pulling in money and eventually makes enough to justify at least one sequel.  #TommyOliver….

-There is another wide release movie coming out this weekend called “Going in Style”, a remake of a 1979 film, directed by Zach Braff (remember him?) and starring Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine, and Alan Arkin.  I’ve seen next to zero promotion for this movie.  I highly doubt it will make more than $5 million in it’s opening weekend.

-That’s it for this week folks! Be sure to come back Monday and check out the Weekend Box Office Breakdown where we see just how wrong I was!

-Also stay tuned for more “Better Late Than Never” reviews as I continue to plow through the “Fast and Furious” franchise!

-Until next time, Thank You for reading and….



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