Welcome Beardlings!

Marvel is making all of our Mondays just a bit more tolerable by dropping a THOR: RAGNAROK TRAILER ON US!!!!

We’re gonna talk about everything thing in the trailer so if you haven’t checked it out yet PLEASE DO SO!

Ok, have you watched it? Yes? YAY!

First impressions? This trailer is awesome! Right out if the gate we see Thor chained up in what looks like hell or Hel (the Asgard underworld) and it appears Cate Blanchett’s Hela brought him there.  Hela  could suffer from looking a little 90s both but I believe Blanchett has the acting chops to pull it off.

Next scene, we see Thor throwing Mjolnir at Hela while on, what looks like, Earth.  Hela then straight up catches Mjolnir in a call back to when Bucky catches Cap’s shield in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. But she not only catches it, she SHATTERS Mjolnir like it was nothing…..  Holy. Shit. 

Next we cut to Hela approaching Asgard and totally wrecking it.  Fire and explosions abound.  Ragnarok, from what I understand of Norse mythology, is basically the apocalypse for them and that is definitely on display here. 

From here, it looks like Thor is thrown thru a portal and lands on an alien planet where he is immediately captured by Tessa Thompson’s Valkyrie and gets dragged off to be turned over to Jeff Goldblum’s Grandmaster.  

This is where the trailer takes a pretty big tonal shift, swinging from the bleak and gray destruction of Asgard and Mjolnir to something much more colorful and very on line with the way “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2” looks in terms of color palette.  Will this movie be where the Guardians crew meet up with some Avenger?

This is where we get short-haired, war painted Gladiator Thor, ready to do battle in the alien version of the Roman Collesium.  And who is his opponent? IT’S HULK, IT’S THE INCREDIBLE HULK! Apparently Banner ended up in space after the events of “Avengers: Age of Ultron” which is what most people suspected.  Also, I love the humor in the section of the trailer.  It shows that no matter how apocalyptic it may get in this film, Marvel isn’t dropping it’s patented, tried and true sense of humor.

Loki is in this trailer a few times and as always, is a bit of a mystery.  We see him at what I’m sure will be dubbed the Battle of Asgard, but we don’t see him actually fighting anyone so we don’t know what side he’s on.  Also, in the end scene, Loki is sitting with the Grandmaster while Thor fights.  Is Loki up to his old tricks again? Probably….

Other things I noticed – Heimdal is fighting something in the woods, looking very much like exactly like Bishop from “X-Men: Days of Future Past”. Dr. Strange is noticeably absent from this trailer.  I wonder when or if we’ll see him in later trailers.

Prediction – with all the stuff to do with Hel and Hela and the apocalypse, I’m betting this movie is where the Soul Gem, the final Infinity Stone, shows up.

Well what did y’all think if the trailer? Did you catch anything I missed? I think this one could be the best of the Thor movies, how about you? Let me know in the comments and be sure to follow me on Facebook and Twitter @WildeBeardReviews!

Until next time, Thank You for reading and… 



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