It’s safe to say that when this trailer dropped yesterday morning, it basically killed any productivity I had going for me that day.  “Star Wars” has been a huge part of my 31 years on this earth, I eat up anything and everything I can that’s related to that galaxy far, far away.  I still remember how I lost my shit as a kid when I found out there was more than one “Star Wars” movie, yelling “THERE’S MORE STAR WARS?!?!?!?” at my mom. With that said, you can figure out just how excited I am the Disney has the reins and is giving us amazing content.

This trailer is amazing,  I loved every second of it.  Clocking in at over two minutes, it’s longer that a traditional “teaser” but it’s definitely a tease as we don’t get and real story points. We can extrapolate a lot and theorize on a bunch of stuff but we don’t have much concrete knowledge of Episode 8 beyond Luke training Rey (which was expected). Let’s start with what we can see going on and the get into what we can guess at.

The trailer checks us in all of the main players from “The Force Awakens”: Rey, Finn, and Poe and we catch a glimpse of Leia and get a ton of Luke. “The Last Jedi” looks like it picks up almost immediately after “The Force Awakens” and it looks like Finn is in some sort of medical pod, recuperating from his battle with Kylo Ren. 

We get a shot of Poe running with BB-8 through what looks like a corridor on a ship and then trying to get to his X-Wing in a hanger only to get turned back when the hanger starts exploding. I can’t tell if the hanger is on a ship or at a base. From what I’m hearing from Star Wars Celebration, it sounds like that after Starkiller Base destroyed that star system, which was the seat if the Republic, and was itself destroyed, the galaxy is in chaos with everyone struggling for Power. This should make for some awesome space battles, which we also see glimpses of.

For Kylo Ren, we see a great shot of him with lightsaber drawn looking just as angst ridden as when we last saw him.  We can see a little bit of his brand spanking new facial scar courtesy of Rey and Anakin’s lightsaber.  There’s also a shot of a pile of shattered stuff which took me a few viewings to figure out that it’s Kylo’s mask. It will be interesting to see if he destroys it in a fit of rage or if he destroys it over losing faith in his lineage and his Grandfather. There was also a picture from Celebration of Kylo with what looked like yellow and red eyes so we may see him slide farther into the Dark side and turn full Sith.

Alright let’s get to the good shit: Rey and Luke and the fate of the Jedi. The trailer opens with Rey looking like she’s had some sort of intense experience and from Luke’s voice over, it sounds like he led Rey through a Force vision. Another amazing shot we get is Rey’s hand on the ground with a bunch of gravel floating around it. This is one of my favorite shots in the entire trailer, its incredibly simple but visually powerful.  Obviously it’s out of context just like the rest of the trailer but I believe that this one is from right before Rey snaps out of her Force vision and she is unintentionally using to Force to lift the rocks or they are simply floating on their own just from the aura of Force around Rey.

I have to say the most cinematic, absolutely beautiful, wallpaper and poster worthy scene in the entire trailer, is the slow pan around the mountain revealing Rey standing on a cliffside training with a lightsaber while Luke looks on. Holy. Shit. That is the definition of a money shot. I’m getting chills thinking about it.  

That scene aside, the most shocking thing in this teaser, has to be Luke’s line – “Its time for the Jedi….. to end.”  Wait…..  What The Fuck?!?! 

Before I continue here, this might be considered SPOILER territory.  I’m going to go into some heavy theorizing about plot points and whether or not they turn out to be true, some may not want to read past this.

So why would Luke want the Jedi to end? I think the answer lies in the charred book that we see. The symbol on the cover looks to be that of The Gray Jedi who don’t ascribe to either the Sith or the Jedi code. They live in the middle, not in the Light or in the Dark but balanced in between. 

One working theory about where Luke has been is that he found the original Jedi Temple and if that is true, then perhaps the books he found there contain lost, ancient knowledge of The Force and he has been studying it in an attempt to discover how to bring the Force into balance.

The prophecy of the one who would bring that balance to the Force is a huge plot point if the prequels and it goes largely unresolved up to this point. Maybe Luke has come to the conclusion that to truly bring balance to the Force, there can’t be Jedi or Sith. There must not be any one group that lives on the extreme ends of the Force “spectrum” and everyone needs to reside in the middle. Throughout Star Wars history we have seen both the Sith and Jedi rise to power only to be torn down by the other.  Maybe it’s time to let the Jedi and Sith die to bring peace to the galaxy and that’s where Episodes 8 and 9 will be leading us.

There’s also a scene of R2-D2 and (probably) Luke looking on as what appears to be Luke’s New Jedi Order Temple burns to the ground. This could possibly be a flashback to when Kylo Ren and the Knights of Ren, turned and betrayed the order.

All in all, I loved this trailer and I cannot wait for December.

What did you think? Did you love it? Do you agree with my thoughts and predictions? Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time, Thank You for reading, and



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