It’s Monday again folks which means it’s time again for the Weekend Box Office Breakdown where we dive in to the the money side of the movie business and see what flicks made bank and which ones can’t rub two nickels together!

Well one movie definitely made some serious bank this week and the rest kept pace. Let’s get into it!

#1 – The Fate of the Furious – $98,786,705 – New Release

Can we afford Rogaine now?

I clearly underestimated how much Paul Walker’s death affected the opening weekend box office numbers for “Furious 7” and I also clearly overestimated how extra money movies would make this weekend due to families being together for Easter and schools being out for Good Friday, as “The Fate of the Furious” only pulled in 2/3rds of what I thought it would. “Furious 7” made about $147 million opening weekend so one might think that “The Fate of the Furious” opening on par with the $97 million that “The Fast and the Furious 6” did constitutes a “failure” or even worse, the series losing steam but that is far from the case here.  Not having the extra, extremely unfortunate publicity of Walker’s death did make a huge dent in the domestic box office but “The Fate of the Furious” hit that magic NOS button at the foreign box office pulling in an unbelievable $432 million.  This franchise isn’t going anywhere any time soon and I fully expect it to stay at #1 until May 5th when “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2” drops.

#2 – The Boss Baby – $16,012,349 – 39.3% Drop

“Sorry Boss, I don’t have a joke this week…….”  “No cookie for you!”

For the first week since it’s release, I managed to guess “Boss Baby’s” weekend box office spot correctly and got pretty damn close to guessing it’s numbers – I was within a million (YAY). All in all, “Boss Baby” surprised the heck out of me, I expected it to come in second it’s opening weekend and play second fiddle to the behemoth that is “Beauty and the Beast” but nope, Dreamworks had a winner on their hands as Alec Baldwin’s animated family comedy always narrowly beat out the House of Mouse.  It will be interesting to see where “Born in China”, Disney’s newest live action nature film lands next week.  I shouldn’t underestimate cute animals, especially after the recent Planet Earth 2 special, but it’s only opening on 1500 screens.

#3 – Beauty and the Beast – $13,705,122 – 42.1% Drop

A tale as old as time – Disney making shit tons of money

Disney’s latest live action remake of an animated classic just keeps chugging along.  I still see people checking in on Facebook at theaters saying they’re seeing this one.  It never managed to get back on top after “Boss Baby” hit theaters but it’s pulled in a global total of $1,043,120,873 and that ain’t bad. As I predicted in last week’s box office breakdown, “Beauty and the Beast” did indeed break the billion mark and I bet it will soon be joined in that lonely club by “The Fate of the Furious” if that one keeps slamming the foreign box office like it did.

#4 – Smurfs: The Lost Village – $6,714,300 – 49.2% Drop

In cinemas 2017, in bargain bins 2018

Well the little blue guys and gal haven’t exactly been tearing it up at the box office, foreign or domestic.  It’s only managed just under $25 million in the states and a bit over $70 million outside of the states for a total of $95 million. That means “Smurfs” has probably made it’s money back after it’s $60 million production budget plus advertising and marketing and minus the theaters taking their cut.  Unless “Smurfs” continues to make money outside of the states, I doubt we’ll be seeing them back on the big screen any time soon.

#5 – Going in Style – $6,288,402 – 47.3% Drop

This April go see “Old Guys Making Paycheck Movies” in a theater near you!

Similar to “Smurfs”, “Going in Style” has made $35 million globally on a $25 million production budget so after theater shares and marketing budget, this remake has probably broken even at this point. It’s only been out for two weeks so it probably has a bit more in the tank and will start turning a profit for the studio with next weekend’s box office take and probably do well enough in BluRay/DVD rentals and digital downloads to justify it’s existence.

That’s it for this week folks!  Next week looks to be an interesting one…. there are several smaller movies releasing next week and it will be fun to take a whack at predicting where they will all land in the Top 5 with some impressive movies still in theaters.

Until next time, Thank You for reading and…..



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