Well my Beardlings, this week is pretty much a case of the more things change the more they stay the same – None, not a single one of the new releases made the Top 5 this weekend.  Color me shocked.  I had 3 of them placing on this list and pushing out “Beauty and the Beast” but clearly those smaller films, low theater count movies are just that… small.

Let’s discuss!

#1 – The Fate of the Furious – $38,408,415 – 61.1% Drop


It’s weird to say but is pulling in a “paltry” $908 million over two weekends a “disappointment” for “The Fate of the Furious”?  As I said in my predictions, I fully expected this movie to break a billion after this weekend, so much so that I bet a dozen donuts on it (high roller I know).  And truth be told, I never actually made that bet because the guy I offered it to ALSO thought that “Fate” would be joining “Beauty and the Beast” in the 2017 “Billions” club this week.  This movie dropping a little over 60% in the States just seems odd to me given it’s blockbuster nature and the fact that it had zero competition coming out this week.  I guess my $15 didn’t add too much to the box office.  (I loved this one.  Review coming tomorrow!)

#2 – The Boss Baby – $12,712,144 – 20.6% Drop


“The Boss Baby” just keeps on chugging.  I still don’t see the appeal in this flick but I also know I am far from the audience for it.  It clearly nailed it’s demographic though as I saw some parent taking his three kids to see this when I was at the theater for “The Fate of the Furious” on Sunday.  A movie I fully expected to play second fiddle to “Beauty and the Beast” for early summer family friendly fare has proved me wrong at every turn. Good for you Boss Baby, good for you. With a global take of $360 million on a production budget of $125 million, I think that if “The Boss Baby” does well in physical copy sales and paid downloads, we could probably see a sequel.

#3 – Beauty and the Beast – $9,662,645 – 29.5% Drop


And speaking of sequels, I saw in the headlines this week that Dan Stevens, who played the Beast/Prince, said he would be open do doing more movies.  While I think that “Beauty and the Beast” would be better served to remain a standalone, self contained story,  if anyone can make a successful sequel to it, it would be the House of Mouse.  And it would probably be justified as B&B is closing in on grossing 10 times it’s production budget.

#4 – Going in Style – $4,910,895 – 21.9% Drop


Well, “The Boss Baby” isn’t the only movie I’ve grossly underestimated on this list as “Going in Style” just keeps piling up the money to the tune of $50.8 million.  That’s not half bad on a production budget of $24 million.  This is the kind of movie that studios love to make – get a big star or two, give a new-ish director or a director on the rebound a small budget to play with, and hope the movie justifies it’s existence.  It’s safe to say that this movie has done just that and I’m even half tempted to check it out myself.  When it hits Blu Ray.  In the Redbox.  Maybe Netflix……

#5 – Smurfs: The Lost Village – 27.3% Drop


Gotta hand it to the little guys, they managed to Smurf their way into staying in the Top 5 after beating out “Born in China” by about $90,000 (on Earth Day weekend no less) and “Unforgettable” by about $95,000.  It was a knock down, drag out fight for the bottom spot this week.

Movies not featured on this list but ones I guessed to be on it are: “Phoenix Forgotten” which pulled in $1.8 million (I guess even horror fans have their limits) and “Free Fire” which didn’t even break $1 million coming in at $994,431. Damn…. I guess an under marketed movie only opening on 1,070 screens can’t expect blockbuster numbers but even professional tracking sites had this one making $3-4 million. Ouch.  Also, “Unforgettable”  which I guess isn’t as it made only $4.79 million and is eagerly awaited by FX for their Monday afternoon line up.

That’s it for this week folks! Coming up next week is “The Circle” featuring Emma Watson, Tom Hanks, and John Boyega in what seems like a very timely release centered around the overreach of social media….  might have to check that one out….. and cancel my cell phone plan….

Until next time, Thank You for reading and….



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