Once again it’s time for the bright spot on the Monday – THE WEEKEND BOX OFFICE BREAKDOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!  – where we take a look at the weekend box office grosses and try to make some sense out of the wacky world of cinema!

Let’s get into it!

#1 – Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 – $65,263,492 – 55.5% Drop

guardians 2

Next to “The Fate of the Furious” in the #4 slot this week, “GotGv2” hanging on to the top slot is pretty unsurprising with the brand history behind Marvel films and the absoulte star power of Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, and Kurt Russell backing up this film. I’m honestly wondering if it will hang on to the top spot again next week going up against a very, VERY different movie about space Aliens (not a typo) which doesn’t have as much star power or brand appeal.  I still have yet to see “Guardians” (which is driving me insane) but hopefully this coming weekend I can check out both it and “Alien: Covenant”.

#2 – Snatched – $19,542,248 – New Release


I wasn’t expecting this movie to do too much business as it seems like another generic comedy serving as a vehicle for a tired comedian.  I’m honestly surprised it got as close to $20 million as it did considering Amy Schumer’s most recent comedy special was apparently not a comedy and Goldie Hawn hasn’t been a box office draw in 20+ years. It seems the ploy of releasing a mother/daughter comedy on Mother’s Day weekend worked at least a little bit and there was some good will for Schumer left over after her surprisingly good work on and in “Trainwreck”.

#3 – King Arthur: Legend of the Sword – $15,371,270 – New Release


Ouch…..  This one hurts.  I was really looking forward to this film but with terrible reviews and some questionable marketing, “King Arthur” seems to be a giant flop, making less than 10% of it’s production budget back in it’s domestic debut.  Even when including the global box office, this film only pulled in $44.9 million on a $175 million production budget.  I saw one headline estimating that “King Arthur” will lose Warner Bros. an estimated $150 million…..  Damn….  that is not good for the WB.  Hopefully “Wonder Woman” crushes the box office in three weeks to help WB recover.

#4 – The Fate of the Furious – $5,400,845 – 37.0% Drop


“Fate” is still making decent money a month later and I’m not really surprised as it’s one of the better entries in the series (see my review here).  The really shocking thing here is not that it’s made almost $1.2 billion globally, it’s that $978 million of that has come from over seas, proving once again that a fair number of these mindless, action heavy blockbusters aren’t exactly made for domestic audiences.

#5 – Beauty and the Beast – $4,809,170 – 5.5% Drop


Well it happened.  It finally happened. It took seven weeks but “Beauty and the Beast” finally came in over “Boss Baby”. This one I really believe had everything to do with it being Mother’s Day weekend, families going out to see a flick together, and choosing something that the whole family could enjoy.  This late in it’s run seeing a drop of only 5.5% is really surprising but again, I think that number is heavily bolstered by the holiday and I also think we’ll see the tale as old as time drop off the Top 5 after this week.

Well that’s it for this week folks! Come back next week as we see who wins the space battle between “Alien: Covenant” and “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2”!

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