Here we are again at the end of the weekend which means its time to talk about how things went at the Box Office and just like every week, there’s definitely some interesting things to break down! Lets get into it, starting off with the Weekend Box Office Estimates courtesy of

  1. Transformers: The Last Knight – $45,300,000 – New Release (Released Wed 6/21)
  2. Cars 3 – $25,175,000 – 53.1% Drop
  3. Wonder Woman – $25,175,000 – 39.0% Drop
  4. 47 Meters Down – $7,435,000 – 33.6% Drop
  5. All Eyez On Me – $5,850,000 – 77.9% Drop

The big release from this past weekend, and quite honestly the biggest story maker from this past weekend, is Transformers: The Last Knight which pulled in the lowest opening weekend box office numbers of the entire Transformers franchise.  Now one could argue that releasing the movie on Wednesday instead of Friday had an impact on its weekend earnings, and it most certainly did, however if you look at the box office grosses from Wed-Sun it comes to $69,095,489 which is still just a hair under what the original Transformers pulled during it’s opening weekend back in 2007.  This may signal that American audiences are tired of the popcorn movie, “pretty to look at but not much there”, summer fluff that is Michael Bay’s Transformers.  It should also be noted though, that while America didn’t go see Transformers: The Last Knight, everywhere else did, as it made a whopping $196.2 million overseas.

Next big story from this week, again has to be Wonder Woman taking a really small drop as compared to what summer blockbusters normally do.  And not only that, but seeing it make the same money in its fourth week of release that Cars 3 did in it’s second week of release is nothing short of astounding.  People weren’t really clamoring for a third Cars movie but they are damn sure going to see Wonder Woman.  As is stands now, Wonder Woman has already beaten the domestic gross of Man of Steel ($291 million) and is closing on on both Suicide Squad ($325.1 million) and Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice ($330.4 million) as it has hauled in $318.4 million. I would be willing to bet money that Wonder Woman will surpass the domestic totals of all the other DCEU films by the end of next weekend.

Also of note this past weekend is that 47 Meters Down not only had a very small drop in it’s box office from first to second week in release, but that it moved up a slot in the top 5, from the 5th slot to the 4th slot, as the Tupac biopic All Eyez on Me took a huge 77.8% drop from it’s first to second week.  It seems word of mouth is keeping 47 Meters Down afloat but everyone that wanted to see All Eyez on Me did so in its first week of release.

Looking ahead to next week, the box office results seem to be anyone’s guess. Baby Driver is getting incredible reviews and releases on Wednesday (I’m planning on seeing it that night, YAY!) but it’s going up against some strong competition in the Will Ferrell/Amy Poehler comedy The House and the other third installment in a family-friendly, animated franchise to come out this summer, Despicable Me 3 (maybe people will actually go see this one, unlike Cars 3).

That’s it for this week folks, be sure to check back next weekend for another all new Weekend Box Office Breakdown!

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